Changing how care homes connect with their workforce

Save time. Communicate effectively. Eliminate back-&-forths. 

Fill more shifts.
Save more time.

We know that rosters are constantly changing. Now managers can stay ahead of these changes and act when inevitable vacancies occur. 

Fill shifts in two easy steps:

1. Managers post vacant shifts on Altra.

2. Staff receive notification via SMS and accept or dismiss with a click of a button. 

Broadcast Messages

Sending messages across WhatsApp, email and individual texts is tedious to manage. Altra allows you to send group broadcasts via SMS that convert to 1:1 conversations. 

Never second-guess whether your message has been read. Easily track engagement rates and responses in one place.

Altra staff conversations. Communicate with staff via SMS

Introducing your inbox for real-time conversations

Finally monitor all conversations with staff in one easy-to-use inbox. Altra enables enterprise-level flexibility and control over staff messaging.


All managers can view and respond to staff queries in a single, unified conversations inbox so your team never misses a beat. 


Share staff across your group

Altra helps group operators easily share staff across centres in close proximity.

Creating staff banks for each home is as easy as setting up a WhatsApp or Facebook group. 

Introducing staff banks to homes allows groups to better utilise existing staff without the hassle of home managers coordinating between them. 

Track actionable insights

Our dashboard includes a broad range of features to give you oversight of all activity, making it simple to view and quantify the importance of good communication.


One Group, One Dashboard

Group operators can monitor how well all facilities are performing on Altra in one place. Performance can be compared and contrasted across the organisation to identify best practice. 

Get a clear picture of agency use in real-time

Track all agency use while also reducing your workload. 

Automatically send unfilled shifts to agencies you already work with based on your own internal framework.

Track all confirmations & changes in one place on Altra.

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