We started Altra to solve a real problem

Our founder’s family have owned and operated a nursing home in Ireland for over 35 years. We have spent countless hours trying to communicate effectively with our own staff to fill gaps in rosters.

We’ve learned that all care homes face the exact same challenge, so we built a platform to help save you time.

Care home staff member texting manager via Altra app

Our Vision

Communication is at the heart of effective care. The majority of healthcare data lives not inside static care management systems or rostering tools but in our communication streams, like email, phone calls, SMS and face to face.


The volume of data that Google indexes in one year is approx the volume of communication data globally exchanged every four hours.


Altra is committed to building the best communication platform for health and social care. We are helping to solve some of the biggest challenges faced by all operators big and small.

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We’ll use this time to learn about your current processes and show you how Altra will save you over 8 hours per week.